Votes of confidence

The text below contains excerpts from letters of recommendation. To read a complete letter of recommendation, click the associated link.

Michael Eckersley, PhD
Founder of HumanCentered (May 2006)

… “I have found [Scott] to have a fine mind and a naturally inquisitive, creative nature. His expertise is both broad and deep in a number of allied areas, making him rather unusual and valuable. His practical management skills are impressive, as is his ability to communicate effectively. Scott is emotionally mature and patient with others, making him effective in team-based projects. In short, Scott is an individual of the first rank.”

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Robert Nye, PhD
Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma (1997)

… “I think it is not unfair to say that Scott was the most intellectually brilliant student I have ever taught…. He could easily have been — and may still be — a creative writer of the first rank. His imagination is fertile in the extreme, and his prose style adaptable to the purpose at hand: always clear, always insightful, always energetic.” …

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Mary Felice Crowe
Vice President for Software Development and Support at Netopia (September 1996)

… “[Scott] has a depth of knowledge on both the Mac and Windows platforms that far exceeds the requirements of the position. He stays abreast of trends and technologies in systems and documentation through reading, news groups, using the Internet and the Web…. Scott is a team player and strives to deliver the best documentation possible to ensure the success of the product. He sets very high standards for himself and is willing to put in whatever effort is required to meet or exceed the standard.” …

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Robert Hill
President of Gulbransen (September 1994)

… “Scott is one of our most valuable employees, and has contributed substantially to our success.” … He is a blue ribbon kind of guy, he really finishes what he is given to do, and his talents seem to stretch into many areas.”

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Kirk and Gary Burgett
Founders of PianoDisc (March 1993)

… “An extremely dependable and punctual person, Scott finished his tasks on or before deadlines. No matter how busy he was juggling many projects, he maintained a courteous, professional attitude and a refreshing sense of humor. His hard work paid off, resulting in a dramatic increase in the performance of our PianoDisc system during the last year. He was one of our best employees and we will miss him.”

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Andy Martwick
Director of Engineering at Design Labs (February 1993)

… “It has been a great pleasure working with Scott Downie, Technical Director for Piano Disc, for the past few years. I feel he played a key role in Piano Disc’s growth from a struggling startup to a $15M per year corporation.” …

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